TOS Crew Review: Spanish For You…

Spanish For You

Estaciones  package theme Seasons

package for grades 3-8
Price: $64.95

Spanish For You is: an easy to follow Spanish curriculum set up like a unit study.
The curriculum includes  a Teacher’s book, your choice of a physical book or download PDF e-book, and downloads of lesson guides by grade levels, worksheets, and audio mp3 of pronunciations. The curriculum includes fun activities such as many different games, drawing, and writing to reinforce what you are learning. The lessons are set up with activities for each day. We used the lesson plans for grades 5-8 and the lessons are 4 days a week for 24 weeks (grades 3-4 goes for 27 weeks). Each days lesson takes 10-30 minutes a day. You cover topics such as verbs and grammar. For Estaciones, you learn vocabulary that covers seasons, weather, months, and more.

How we used the program:
For this  review, we recieved the physical teacher book and the download resources that includes the lesson guides, worksheets, flashcards, and audio mp3’s. We tried to follow the lessons and not tweak it at all except for repeating lessons several days in a row if we were not grasping something (mainly me, I get discouraged and give up when learning a new language, its hard for me).

To get started, I decided to go ahead right away and do the flashcards, prepare the games, etc. for lesson 1. The lessons are planned out so no preparing those.
We made some of our own flashcards per the lesson plan and we also printed out the flashcards that came with the curriculum. I decided to wait and print out the worksheets as needed even though my initial thought was to print them out and comb bind them right away, but will do the binding later down the road.

We did one lesson a day to start with, Lesson 1 Day 1, Lesson 1 Day 2, etc. After a few days, we realized we needed to go back and  repeat previous days lessons assignments several times before moving on, especially the audio. I am sure the giggling at each others pronunciations was a factor for us not getting it 🙂 One of us, my youngest, is great at rolling her R’s while others of us, um me, comes up with her own pronunciations, while the eldest does them so quietly that no one can hear her and then she says “I can’t roll my R’s”.

We have decided for our family, we are going to split up lessons and go at our own pace with each of us doing lessons on our own. Then we will do them together every few days. I think it will reinforce what we are doing and no one will be waiting for some one else to catch up.

 Here the girls, there is one girl hiding behind the cat, practicing flash cards we made.  My eldest doesn’t like me to take photo’s of her, as she likes to take photo’s her self.

What we thought of it over all:

I think its pretty simple and you could probably adapt it to teach any age, especially if you have a younger child who wants to learn Spanish but maybe you could focus just on the speaking part so that it won’t confuse them with their regular language and grammar lessons.We had a little trouble getting motivated, but once we did, we were hooked.  The girls even come to me everyday asking when we are going to do our lessons.

I think there is a lot to learn for each lesson. To be honest, we can’t get past lesson 1. We have not mastered it all, or even close to it. Maybe that is because there are 3 of us working together. We keep going back over and over the daily lessons. I think it would help to have these lessons broken down in to more manageable chunks, which we have decided to do. We have spent several days on each daily lesson and we still go back to day 1 to reinforce what we are learning. This may not be the case for your family. It also could be that we are less interested in writing and spelling, and more on just speaking it. So for us, we are going to focus just on the speaking and pronunciations from now on.  That will be some of our tweaking of this curriculum. Then we can work up to the other topics.  There are 2 visual learners who are struggling more than my eldest who comprehends most of everything she does.

I think its a good supplement to other programs or as a refresher. We are using it as a warm up to starting a bigger, more in-depth program.  I am not sure if we would purchase it because the lessons might be too intense for us. I could see us becoming frustrated soon if we can’t get on to another lesson. I am getting weary but I don’t see that in my girls yet, though there has been mention of switching what language they want to learn, but I don’t think that will help. 

One suggestion I would make for the vendor is to offer a CD version of the audio (and even the worksheets). I think this would help with using this in the car for practicing. We have the ability to put the files on an external USB and load things on our cars hard drive so we can go down the road and practice our pronunciations. I would pay a few dollars more for this option, but I tend to pick hard copies of curriculum over downloads.

Here is a screenshot of the sample and if you click on it, you will be taken to the sample pdf.

The curriculum is well put together, easy to understand and follow, and there is a big plus for not having to plan any lessons.  For this reason, I give this curriculum 4 stars 🙂
I am looking forward to the Travels curriculum coming out soon, and I may be interested in doing that set next. I hope after we get a base down we will be able to move much faster on our lessons.


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