The Best 13 bucks spent on a cat toy EVER …

I preparation for adding a new kitty, still looking for one, we went on the hunt for some new toys and we went to Lowes and got some things to help build a cat tree. Here is what we got at Petsmart.

This really is the best cat toy ever.  That circle thing were they chase a ball around.
I just thought I would share. We had such fun watching this all take place.
Please ignore the messes in the background, its still messy from decorating and rehabbing this house.

It does 2 things

  • Entertains King Aslan
  • Entertains Nessie, when Aslan says she can play with it

I have never seen Aslan get so umm excited over something. He literally sat on it for over a half hour and would not get off it. He played with the ball a bit, but mostly sat and laid on it.

In this picture, Nessie is trying to get the ball and its under Aslan’s tail.
Here Aslan is still telling Nessie its his toy. But eventually Aslan gets bored
and Nessie gets to chase the ball around. 
We have video on it and I will post it after we figure that out.


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