Book Review: The American Church by D.W. Clomski…

The American Church
A Baby Church?

by: D.W.  Glomski

Publisher’s Description

Is the American church a baby church?
Is the American church like the Laodicean church with the Lord Jesus on the outside?
Does the American church even know what Christ’s church really is?
Does the American church really follow God’s pattern of church meetings?
Why is it that so many of God’s people are leaving the traditional church to start home churches?
These are some of the subjects we will talk about in this book, and the American church needs to talk about them. Many people believe that the American church needs an awakening to get out of its rut that it has been in for years. May God use this book to help His church get out of this rut and get excited at following Him. 
My thoughts:
I feel this guy  has more to say and this book just seems to be the top coat of something deeper.
If you believe our churches are full of sleeping Christians, then read this book for another view point. If you don’t believe our churches are full of sleeping Christians, then read this book. I really wanted to read this book because I am in the process of reexamining my/our life to see how Christian like we are and how worldly we are. I think everyone should examine their own lives on occasion, clean it up, refocus, and get back to letting God mold you for his purpose.
I think the goal of this book, knowingly or unknowingly to the author, is to help you examine your Christian walk. Are you living your Christian walk the way God intended? Is your church sleeping? Is your church following the ways of the “worldly mega-church make everyone happy” ways of today? This book can help you open your eyes a bit. Like I said before, this is just the top coat, and needs to go deeper. I think you can use the scriptures and other bible references to do a deeper study on your own. Which brings me to what this book covers. Are you a baby Christian dependent on others. 
This book talks a lot of depending on others too much, like our pastors (to feed us the bible instead of reading and studying it our selves), our bibles (do we read it but not discuss it in our prayers with God, etc.), or other things like free hand outs instead of working (physical or spiritual) for the things we need.  This book points out the differences between bring a baby Christian (new Christians are baby Christians), are you stuck in “baby Christian” for years, or are you moving forward and being molded into a mature Christian? It discusses how baby Christians act, which as a mom I totally get it. He compares a lot to biblical examples so he isn’t just spewing useless information about the topics. He even discusses my favorite subject prophecy and notes to pastors. You may or may not agree with everything he says but you will never agree 100% with someone else. That is OK. You use your discernment, biblical wisdom, and prayer. I am not sure what he means by women not being aloud over the church as he didn’t elaborate much on it. Does that mean women shouldn’t teach womens bible studies, minister to other women, etc. because I do remember some were in the bible it talking about older women teaching younger women. He also speaks a lot about Paul so here is what Paul wrote in Titus 2 using both mine and the authors favorite version to read from the New Century Version, but I study from KJV and compare to other versions. The NCV is just easier to comprehend for me.
In the same way, teach older women to be holy in their behavior, not speaking against others or enslaved to too much wine, but teaching what is good. Then they can teach the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be wise and pure, to be good workers at home, to be kind, and to yield to their husbands. Then no one will be able to criticize the teaching God gave us.

 15 Say these things and encourage the people and tell them what is wrong in their lives, with all authority. Do not let anyone treat you as if you were unimportant.  

Are women not important enough to lead or have leadership roles? Most would agree, women tend to have bigger servant hearts then men which would make them very important to teach and lead. 

Also, I believe that the “don’t let women be over a church” is O.T. Old Covenant and are we not in the N.T. New Covenant all about Grace era (I could get on my pedestal but its not the time because I don’t have much right now) and God calls us ALL to lead others to Christ, no matter what roll that God has called you into. Just my 2 cents 🙂

This book reads like the author is speaking with you in conversation. I didn’t notice any errors in editing. The book is a fast read, not being lengthy in pages (reading on kindle and amazon says 137 pages). I have read it in less than a day.
 I hope to hear more from this author. I really do believe he has a lot more to share. I hope his next book is much deeper to be used as a study. This book is more informational on the topic and I hope it inspires you to look deeper, examine your self and church, and mature in to a wide awake Christian (not a worldly one). 
Happy Reading!

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