DIY: My yellow Lemonade Table…

I had this table and wasn’t sure what to do with it.
It started out oak I think. 
I got this wise idea to paint it pink, but it turned out too dark.
I had some sample paint of Behr’s Pineapple so I decided to 
paint the table the Pineapple. 
I am calling this table the Lemonade Table. 
I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. 
When I decorate it all up, I will add a pic to this post. 
Or maybe I will put it in the kitty room with a kitty bed on it.
Maybe I will keep it in the dinning/parlor room. I am trying to tone 
down the formal feel in there a bit. I am not much into formal but the hubby is. 
I just have no idea what I am going to do.
I do know that I am off to start painting walls now,
in Behr’s Caribean Sunrise.
I love that yellow. I had it in my house in NC and now
I am repainting it here in OH.
I can’t afford those expensive furniture paints that other big DIY blogs get.
I just use what I have left over from painting walls, samples, or oops paint that I find. 
I even use spray paint. 
This is how my table turned out. 
My next project is that ugly antique buffet in the background. 
It was in a fire, the right side door fell off, and its just plain ugly. 
Table before:
Table after 1st coat:
Table finished: I think it turned out beautiful and very cottagey. 


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1 Response to DIY: My yellow Lemonade Table…

  1. Rippyfamily says:

    Your cute lemonade table came out great! Nice job.


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