TOS Crew Review: e-Science by Supercharged Science…

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The Curriculum: e-Science
Brought to you by: Supercharged Science

Cost Per Level Per Month:

  • Grades K-8 $37
  • Grades K-12 $57

I want to preface this review by saying a few things. I have tried this program in the past and I fell in love with it. When it came up for review, I could have jumped to the moon with excitement (or built a rocket lol). I often enjoy the free tele-class that is offered through out the year (more about that at the end of my review). I really can’t express my love enough. I have, in the past,  spoken with this vendor through email and they have been extremely kind and helpful and so I feel their customer service is also excellent. I did not need customer service for this review except for help with a log in issue, and I still received the same wonderful and friendly customer service from someone different than who I had spoken with before. I feel extremely blessed to be receiving this product, for free yay!, and getting to share it with the homeschool world.

On to the facts:

E-Science is an online science program that functions as a curriculum unlike any other. You start off with the first 7 unit lessons and then each month after, you will be given access to more unit studies, 2 units with more experiments to do. All lesson are neutral on evolution and creation, so depending on your belief, you will be able to use this curriculum with out worry that your belief system will be compromised. Your science teacher is Aurora and she is a real Rocket Scientist who worked for NASA.

Here is a note from the site:  We focus on how to build the robot, take data and measurements, work a microscope, launch the rocket, why a laser works…basically sticking to the physics of what’s going on and how to build the projects. Of course, you can always add to it in any way you see fit.

Aurora developed the curriculum and has provided all kinds of videos, games, experiments, activity questions for the lessons, and more.

You also have access to other activities (the plasma grape activity we have done and its a lot of fun and super cool). There is also a section for  Math and Science Fair Projects. One of the things I like, and would go along with your classical curriculum, is learning about The Scientific Method.

You can start right at the beginning doing all the units in order, or you can start working on a topic you are already studying or have an interest in.
For us, our kids are older and already have interests, so we jumped around at what we wanted to study, and we had no problems. You will need to have some knowledge of earlier units to understand some of the information in a higher unit, depending on the topic.

This curriculum is a stand alone curriculum but you can correlate the units with another curriculum if you like. That is how we approached this for this review. We are studying Human Anatomy so we sought out that unit. You may not have access at first to the unit you need or want, but they do offer to open up a specific unit for you if you need it. They offer a Conversion Chart to help you correlate which units for which curriculum you use. We are using Apologia Human Anatomy and it is not listed on the sheet (Apologia is on the list just not our specific book), which would be expected since the anatomy lessons are all under Biology 2, so its easy to find correlate. We looked for the shopping list, on the site in the heading, found our unit and then gathered our items needed. You can check out the shopping list a head of time so you have time to prepare and have all items needed. You may have a lot of items at home already, but there are some items that most of us don’t have laying around. We happen to have a stash of science materials already with a garage full of things that can be used in some of the experiments.

Slide Show for Cardiovascular System Unit, Heart Rate Monitoring. 
We checked our pulse while sitting and then doing aerobics by jumping on a trampoline.

We are looking forward to doing other topics, especially the up coming unit 20 that will cover Geology, Mineralogy, and Planetary Science. But until its released, our next unit we will jump into is unit 7 Astrophysics. There are several of us around here who really like astronomy in general, but we would love to learn more details about space and what makes space what it is.

Some basics and some things to point out:

  • Not a passive program, very hands on
  • Reading and Activities to go along with the experiments
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to follow videos on how to do the experiments
  • Sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • Prepare a head of time with shopping lists already done for you
  • Learn how to make and keep a Scientific Journal (we used our Scientific Journal, we chose a binder format, to also answer the exercise questions so everything is together)
  • Advanced section with some harder activities

 photo escience-full-600px_zps738b5d59.jpg
Extra Tid Bits:

If you have a die hard scientist in your family, there are other programs offered that you may want to check in to that are not covered in this review. The Science Mastery programs are on my dream (or wish) list of things I would want. You can check it out and put it on your must have list also. There are 3 levels to choose from, and if I could do the highest level, we wouldn’t need to leave the house for several years because we would be so busy having science fun.
Check that out at the following web address:

Aurora offers free Tele-classes and the next one is May 8 and is on the topic Rocketry.
You can check out information for those classes by clicking on TELE-CLASS.
I have been known to sit and watch those free tele-classes by my self with no children around.

There is also a summer e-camp program offered on this page:

If you have any questions for me, please ask in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Slideshow for Mapping the Tongue, Digestive System Unit.



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