Quad Crashers: New Brown & Cream Rug and Dinning Chairs Finally get recovered…

I have been holding on to this fabric for several months now waiting to 
recover my cherry dinning room table chairs. 
I finally got around to covering them today,
during taking breaks from mulching my landscaping.
Those pictures will be coming soon, I hope 🙂
We have had these chairs for years, since the first few years of our
marriage, we have been married almost 16 years.  They are not 
that old but maybe about 12 or 13. 
They originally were black.
They came from Bova Furniture (local for us).
The original black fabric wore through with in a few years.
My in-laws still have the original fabric in new condition,
so my kids most of wore it out fast.
Then we went to a tuscany theme and so this stripped fabric
lasted for many years, but it hasn’t matched my decor in many years either.
I have since moved on to “country cottage, beach cottage, or anything cottage”
and I love to decorate with blue so when I found this outdoor fabric on 
clearance sale at Joann I purchased it. 
Here are the before and after:

Now here is my new rug that my hubby so graciously purchased for me.
He is a sweety!
Eventually I will have my dinning / parlor room finished.
I have to get a new sofa for the library/tv room so I can 
move my antique parlor sofa back up to the dinning room.


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