Book Review: The Tutor’s Daughter by Julie Klassen (a very intrigueing book filled with mystery galor)…

The Tutor’s Daughter

by: Julie Klassen

Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors and she doesn’t disappoint with this book.

Julie continues to speak to my soul. She provides it all: mystery, intrigue, deep characters, history, romance, twists and turns. Just when you think you have it figured out, you get a twist. This book really keeps you guessing.  I can see why others say there is a bit of Jane Eyre and Jane Austen in this book. I love Jane Eyre and I have enjoyed a few Jane Austen stories, and this really does have a touch of both.

This book starts the action pretty quickly, with in a few chapters. I really had a hard time putting it down. I even read it on Easter Sunday while with family (who were all taking after lunch naps) because I just couldn’t resist. I kept reading because I just had to know who was doing what and who was really who they said they were, or were not, and who was doing all the “mystery” things.There were love letters slid under doors, things disappearing, smell of perfume where no one was, or so you think! Music coming from the pianoforte but no one there by the time  you get there.  A mysterious Mr. Teague that no one really seems to know much about, but he always pops up.

My favorite characters would be Emma, the main character, Lady Weston, the evil step mother if you will, and Henry who is one of the eldest of the Weston boys. There is one character that most would probably like, but not me, and that is Lizzie. She was very annoying to me, which makes her a good character in general. She talks way too much and is hyper, at least that is how I took her, so if she was a real person, she would drive me bonkers. I could hear her all squeaky voiced like Prissy in Gone With the Wind.

Ok, I didn’t want to go too much into the book details because there is some mystery things going on that I did not want to be a “spoiler”.  In order to find out this mystery more, you will have to read the book. I really had hoped to learn more of what happens from this secret mystery and I hope there will be a second book on this mystery so I can know what happens to “it”. 🙂

This book receives my big 5 shinning stars and a huge recommendation.

Though I am including the book trailer, down below, I do not like it. It makes Henry out to be creepy and weird when he is not. I think they could have picked someone else or maybe done something else with the guys hair and facial expressions, he really makes me feel uncomfortable in a perv kinda way.
(I am sure the guy in real life is not how he is portrayed in the video)

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