My new pink bunny and some antiques…

I have been taking a break from schooling, yesterday and today, to get some Easter decorating done.

I don’t usually decorate for Easter, but since I LOVE bunnies and Spring, I decided to work on those things.  I dug out some of the girls old stuffed bunnies, lambs, and those types of things.

I am still feeling a bit disheartened with the house. We have been here for about 4 months now. The reno is slowly coming along. If this house didn’t need so much work, I would have had this house decorated and comfy with in a week (I really can’t wait for the kitchen to get those final touches done). So I decided to tackle the one thing I could do, decorate for Easter.

This post really isn’t about my Easter decorating, it is just a prelude to what I found that lead to something else.

So while at Kroger last night picking up a few items, I had to hit the seasonal isle so I could see what bunny things they had. I found this cute metal bunny for my pink antique room (the only room in the house that is allowed to have pink except the girls room if they want it).

Sorry for the terrible photos but I am terrible at taking indoor photos, I can never get the lighting right, and this house is dark in some of the rooms so there are always shadows or they get over exposed. So please forgive the bad lighting! Even my pink wall is not showing up the right shade.

While I was photograghing the new bunny for my pink room (the theme is antiques, bunnies, clovers, all things bright cottagey and spring!)
I decided to grab some photos of my Grandma’s antiques that my Mom and Grandpa has given me over the past years. Since I have a spare room in my house that is my pink room, officially the office but don’t tell anyone, I decided to put most of the antiques in there on the bookshelves.

This is just some of the stuff I have. I just felt like sharing them for some reason. I know most of my readers come here for homeschool stuff and reviews, but to be honest, I don’t write much about homeschooling because I just don’t feel compelled. Its not my passion, taking care of my home and decorating and other home type stuff is my passion.

So any whooo…..

Here is a pretty tea cup and saucer that was my Grandmas.
This little blue Fenton bowl was hers,
this little Bo-Peep I had as a child and do not know where it came from.
These were my Grandmas also.
More of Grandma’s tea cups, there were more but I can’t find them.
This picture (I re-framed it) was always hanging in my Grandparents
 kitchen and I remember staring at it while sitting at the table.
This is a reproduction bowl & pitcher set that is my moms.
There is also a fancy kitchen bowl I sat in the bottom that was
also my Grandmas.
This is some thing that was Grandmas.
Here are some old plates and just some of the
Grapevine Milk Glass that was something I remember from
Grandma’s house.


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1 Response to My new pink bunny and some antiques…

  1. Michele says:

    Love the beautiful things that were your grandmothers, such fun memories for you, I am sure. Happy Easter!


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