Quad Crashers: Planning a Cottage Back Yard…

I have begun my planning of our terribly neglected landscape. Since this house set empty for a while and no one tended to it all last summer I am sure of, it is very unruly.

Its so bad, I won’t show you any before pics until its completed.

The front yard looks pretty decent and has good bones. There are some rose bushes that I need to clean up and get back in shape. To be honest, I have always hated roses while my hubby loves them. I literally will get mad at him if he wastes money on them. I am finding my self liking bright pink roses that have huge blooms, peony like blooms. I have no idea what kind of roses I have in my newly acquired front yard so I will just go at trimming like a mad woman. If I kill them, well then its a good excuse to replace them with something I like. If they don’t die, hopefully we will have beautiful blooms. I can tell you if they are red, they WILL mysteriously end up DEAD! Notice how I express my self, I HATE RED ROSES! For me, looking at red roses is like watching a horror movie that never ends. I don’t know why I just can’t stand them. They are so grossly ugly to me. Sorry if they are your favorite.

So back to my pleasant Cottage Garden idea’s.

My perfect place to live in my mind would be in a little fairy tale stone cottage surrounded by  lovely flowers, stone fences, white picket fences, romantic planting out building, acres and acres of wild flowers, bunnies and squirrels running to and fro, and a sexy scottish gardener (who looks like a young Gerard Butler) in a kilt to help tend to it all. Should I also mention that on the estate grounds would be a huge gothic stone castle that I run as a hotel.

OK, back to reality. 

I found quit a lot of inspirational photo’s on line (from google, not mine) and here are a few with what I like about each one. I have tons more but this kinda stuck out the most.

Then I will be off to plan what needs to be done to accomplish a flourishing cottage backyard.

 I love white picket fences! I just thought this photo was pretty.
 I love this stone walkway and I hope to get something like it in my backyard.
 If only I had the space, but all I have is a small backyard.
I like the stone wall planter but not sure if I could get this type of thing in my yard.
This is more like what I can do in my yard.
 I like a private seating area.
 This is just a sweet photo and I like the plants (notice the bright pink roses).
 Can I get a thatched roof? Anyone? Anyone? 
Ok, so this style of yard I could probably get.


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