Book Review: Chocolate-Covered Baloney Confessions of April Grace

Book #3 in the Confessions of April Grace Series
Chocolate-Covered Baloney

By: K.D. McCrite

April Grace is at it again. We love this series, its one of the few my youngest actually wants to read (the other is Nancy Drew).

There are more changes and adventure in store for April Grace, again.
New neighbors, her wonderful Grandma has a new boyfriend, and her annoying big sister goes missing and April must use her mad skills to find her sister before she ends of in trouble.

This books is just like the first two, just a bit different in story line. You get the same down to earth family that wishes you really were a part of. April is still a smart whitty girl with with a huge sense of humor. You still get to hear that twangy accent in her voice by the phrases she uses. My favorite character in this book is the Grandma. You can really tell that April Grace and her Grandma are kindred spirits.

If you enjoy young christian fiction, with lots of humor and sibling interactions, this is the book for you.


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