Cooper’s Hawk in our backyard…

I was sitting looking out the window and a big bird flew over my back yard, so I jumped up and looked up at the pine tree and there it was, sitting on a branch with the snow slowly drifting by. It was a peaceful scene.

Dede and I grabbed some pictures. In order to see the bird itself, we had to over expose the photos a bit. As we were snapping pics, it moved its head around like it was trying to find us. It finally flew away but we couldn’t get a photo of that. We opened the windows, top down, to get as clear photo’s as we could because of how high up s/he was.

I did some research because I didn’t know what it was. I knew it had to be a hawk because of its size, but its head was more round than usual.

I am guessing it is a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk because of this link which shows exactly what we had seen:


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