Recipe: one of my favorite: Organic Leprechaun Juice…

I love juicing with my Champion Juicer.

Here is one of my favorite Green Juices. Its a bit sweet, its smooth, and its a very quick recipe and clean up is fast and easy. I do some recipes that take forever cutting, juicing, blending, and the clean up is dreadful. BUT, its all less work than cooking and cleaning up from a big unhealthy fake packaged food meal.

Organic Leprechaun Juice:

  •  3 Apples
  • 4-5″ section Cucumber
  • 2 handfuls of Kale
  • on occasion, I throw in a chunk of freshly cut pineapple

The following items I throw in a blender with the juice when I feel like a smoothie version:

Pour into your favorite glass, I use Mason Jars to drink from.



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