Fave Series: A Movie Called Leap Year

I know its not leap year, but February is almost over and so I thought it appropriate to bring back My Fave Series with a movie.

 Leap Year
with Amy Adams (one of my faves)
and Matthew Goode (who is pretty cute in this movie)

I love this movie and my daughter, the 13yo, gave this to me for a Christmas Present this past Christmas. It was the best present ever (as movies usually are with me anyways) but she really paid attention to me and what my likes are and she had to get me this movie even though I am sure she is tired of watching it with me. Yes, its one of those movies I can watch over and over, and she is usually right there with me watching them all. 

(pics found online through search, not mine)

On with it:

This is a cute little movie. I know its a typical romance that you have figured out before you even sit down to watch it.

BUT, this movie is all about the journey. The interaction of the two lead characters and their beautiful trip in Ireland and the people they meet along the way.

The Story:

Anna and Jeremy (Adam Scott) are dating. Anna thinks Jeremy is ready to propose but gives her earrings instead and is off to a convention in Ireland.
So Anna’s dad lets her know that its a tradition in Ireland that on leap year a women can propose to her man.
Anna being the control freak she is, decided she is taking her marriage proposal into her own hands.

So Anna starts her journey to Ireland. The trip starts out rocky with her flight being rerouted, thus starting all the fun in  my opinion.  Anna catches a boat and gets dropped off in a little town where she makes it into a bar/hotel. This is where she meets Declan. Their relationship starts off a bit rocky. He already doesn’t like her.

Declan is about to lose his life dream because of financials and so he agrees to drive Anna to Dublin, for pay, so she can meet up with Jeremy.

Things get really exciting along the way. They lose the car, thanks to Anna. They meet interesting people along the way. They learn about each other and get closer. You can really see the chemistry between them, especially during the seen where they are faking a kiss for those who think they are already married, which was a requirement for the couple who let them stay over at their cute little Irish cottage.

Eventually Anna and Declan make it to Dublin to meet up with Jeremy.
Jeremy ends up proposing right there in the hotel lobby in front of Declan, who is already falling in love with Anna.  Declan then disappears and Anna says “sure”.

Back in Boston in Anna and Jeremy’s new apartment, they are having a party and Jeremy mentioned that in order to get the apartment they had to be engaged.  This makes Anna think about her life and what is really important.

Anna leaves for Ireland to find Declan where they live happily ever after forever! Well, they should have if they were real people.

This movie is a lot of fun, can provoke some to look at what is important in life, and could make you cry. No, this is not one of those crying movies, its funny and cute, no crying though you will go “aahhh” a few times if your a romantic like me.

I hope you like this movie. I will try to do more of these and I will mix it up. I not only love romances but I love action movies and comedies. You won’t find me willingly watching drama’s and especially not scarey movies (not that they scare me, they are demonic garbage that Christians should not be opening themselves up to).

Here is the trailer for Leap Year….


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