TOS Crew Review: College Common Sense


 Going to College and Paying for it

 College Common Sense Going to College and Paying for it  Online Video and Workbook was started by Denise Ames to help those of us who don’t know where to start in regards to college preparedness.

Who should use it:

  • Students and Parents
  • You can start as early as elementary age up through adults
  • Anyone planning to attend College
  • Reluctant students who haven’t looked into colleges or how to pay for it

    For this review we were given the online version with PDF Workbook to download. The cost of this is $25 for a year subscription.
    There is also an option for a DVD and Workbook and the cost of this is $50 plus $5 shipping.

    You get 6 video sections, that are about 2 hours in total length. 
    There are activities assigned for grade 8 and  up. Younger kids will need more help in understanding and doing any assignment you feel you are ready to do. 
    The program is student directed with a parent as the facilitator who also watches the videos and goes over the workbook pages first so they can guide the student when needed.

    PhotobucketThings you will learn:

    • How to find free money
    • How Financial Aid works
    • College Lingo (COA = Cost of Attending)
    • Exploring Colleges
    • Visiting Colleges
    • How and Why to choose a college
    • Scholarships and finding them
    • Your future and how your decisions effect it

    Our Experience:

    After we received our emailed information, we logged in and printed out the workbook completely then  used our comb binder to make it in to a book so that we could move right along.

    My daughter was a little reluctant at first to start talking about colleges. So I talked to her about her interest in art and we decided we would use Art Schools as her focus so she had some direction and focus. We then made her spiral notebook, a suggested activity, to keep her notes and research in. 

    My daughter started out good with the video’s and workbook, but then she felt I was pushing her along when she wasn’t ready to go on.  Ms. Ames suggested schedule is work on it once a month for elementary and once a week for high school. I think for us, this would be something we would do on her own time with no schedule and she would be fine, but for the sake of this review we had to push on and do more than required. That shows you can work at your own pace and not be pushy with it, or do a lot more if you desire. I think this program is great for her, to give her a little push, because she is hesitant on searching for her options on how to apply and pay for an Art School, since we didn’t know were to start. This program helps with that.

    Some of our questions before the program were:

    • Where do we start
    • What do we do
    • What search words do we use to get the right results
    • Who is legitimate and who is not
    • What are the specific requirements for the field she is interested in
    • How will our children pay for college because we can’t afford to send them

    I feel our questions are being answered. I know we still feel overwhelmed in our searching, as most probably do, but we feel like we are headed in the right direction thanks to this program. We will continue using it as our guide. We may even go ahead at some point and order the DVD and Workbook.

    This program is not a miracle program that will do everything for you in a short time. Its going to help you guide yourself on your own needs. College Common Sense is the light leading you down College Street.

     Some extras you can sign up for are free lessons, and newsletter, through email, and if you are signed up with there are lessons for you there also. These can be used to compliment the paid program.

      Online Streaming or the DVD?:

      If you have time in  your college preparedness, check out the newsletter and the free lessons. This will help “get your feet wet” and then get the program, online streaming or the DVD.  Your going to get the same content either way.

      If your student is not yet a senior or is more than a year away from going to college, I would suggest the DVD and workbook so you can use it over and over. If you don’t have the ability to print the workbook, then the DVD option would be better for you.

      If your with in the year, then the streaming would probably work fine for you unless your like me and you like the physical versions of things, or you have more than one child who you would want to  use the program with.

      If you are still unsure if the program is right for you, there is also a YouTube channel HERE but you can also get to it from the “services” tab on the website it self.

      Good Luck in your college journey!

       Photobucket  My Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. 

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