Quad Crashers: the Library

This room is officially now “the library”.  It use to be the school/education room but as we move on to unschooling, we can’t have a school room now can we!

So here is the room all painted, proper window treatments, sofa with pillows, book shelf entertainment center up, table work center sorta hidden behind the sofa.  The only thing missing, besides being cleaned up lol, is another book shelf that will have to be built in the next few weeks for storing things like art supplies, science experiment supplies, microscope, paper, pens, pencils, yarn, fabric, craft supplies, sewing machine, etc.
I also need crown up and eventually the bookshelf will be painted way down the road.

We are still deciding are wall art but so far this will have to do as I have other rooms that need work.

I made the valances and pillows with fabric that Mountain Man picked out at Joann’s.
I really don’t want my antique parlor sofa in the library but for now it will have to be here until I can get a contemporary sofa, like the one at Ikea that I want.

The little monkey pillow is our dachshund Nessie’s pillow.  


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