Quad Crashers: Update on the school room….

We worked last week on the “education” room which is dubbed now the Green room.
Dede wants to paint Filmore from Cars on the wall. 
Have at it Tootsy! 

This week we will start on the entertainment/bookshelf area. 
The next time you see pics, it should be completed, or mostly completed. 
The paint is Behr’s Springview. 
Here is Dede watching Planet Earth while I painted.
I couldn’t paint past the temporary “center” but it will be done soon. 
Here are the orange curtains, it looks like the Ireland flag in here!
The trimmer, AKA Mountain Man, I was the roller! 

I can’t wait to get this all done. My next project is the movie room and then the guest room.
I love decorating and being creative, but I am  having a hard time getting into decorating this time. I think because this new house has less organizational space and so we have to start from scratch, and it seems there is no place to put things until you build something to put it on. errggg.
Where is my iced coffee??


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