Juicing and Joe Cross…

I am not 100% Juicing, maybe if I had someone clean up after me I would be. Well, I could handle the easy clean up if someone else cut all the stuff up for me and juiced it. I just hate to take the time, but in reality, its much faster than cooking a meal. But for me, I have to make 2 meals. One juicing for those of us who do it (me, hubby, and sometimes DD), and the regular meal for the kiddos. I also like to eat and cook. So we incorporate both, but we are going to have to get more serious now.

But I,we, did get the bloodwork results back and it wasn’t a pretty site. So I must get back on the juicing hot and heavy.

One of my motivators is Joe Cross! He is easy on the eyes, he is motivational, and he also has an awesome story.

I love his video Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. When I need a kick in the rump, I like to watch it. Right now I need a kick in the rump. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am not vegetarian or anything like that. I love me some big ole’ burgers some times. I am, after all, a country girl at heart. I just want to eat healthy, lose some weight, and be smart about what I put in my body most of the time.

I wanted to share some links so you can check Joe out. (click to be taken to the sites.)

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