Quad Crashers: Update on Education Room…

We are working on our “education” room. I stopped calling it our school room, because its more like a teen hang out, library full of resources like Art, our microscope, etc. I want to come up with a new name for the room.

We will be painting it soon, I think Mountain Man is bringing home the paint tonight so if I can get it painted in the next couple of days, I will have updated pics.
Here are the two colors I have picked out:
Gidden’s Spring Green and Sunbaked Orange (which Mountain Man doesn’t like becuase its too close to Home Depot Orange and he looks at that 5 days a week lol)

I really want the room to be inspiring, not like a school room. I want it to be a fun place we can hang out in, read, do art, experiments, or what ever we want.

Maybe it should be our

  • Activity Room
  • Artsy Room
  • Supply Room
  • Alien Space Craft lol!
  • Star Trek Room
  • The Thinking Pantry  huh!
  • Out of the Box Room like that old TV show the girls use to watch, I can hear the theme song now. 

Ok, I really don’t have a clue what to name our “education” room. 

I just know we have to make some changes, which should be easy since its a blank slate.

Anyone have any idea’s?

I am seriously thinking over our school life, again. Its just not working again, I think we have become too “formal” again.

I liked it better when we had no budget for school and we discovered unschooling. That was last year, I just wish we could do it.

Jump out of the box and go for it!

Speaking of going for it, I have to get back to cleaning out the stuff like binders, old notebooks, just those things I really don’t want to look at again.

Plus, we are watching Planet Earth videos and the Sunflower Starfish is eating a Sand Dollar! Cool!


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