Field Trip to Ikea…

Do you like that? Field Trip to Ikea?
I guess you could count that if you practiced your math skills lol!

What we did is  make a photo wish list, just for some fun. I am not a big fan of Ikea like a lot of people. Maybe its because I am not so naive to the cheaply made products of thin pressed boards or plastic roll outs in the drawers, or the fact that you can but the same quality at Walmart!

Or maybe its because, their stuff doesn’t last forever unless you treat it with extreme care.

The stuff might look nice, but it just seems flimsy to me.

Dad was off work and we thought we would go do something fun so we went to Ikea, with the camera.

Here are some of the photo’s.

First, the sofa I, yes I said I, would like for the “education” room. 
I like these two slip covers.

Next up, Dede’s wish list for her Birthday coming up in April.
She would like one of these pictures for her room. 

Here Dede would like this paper shade light in her room.
Here dad said he could cover a light in some newspaper for her cheaper. ha!
Kiki wanted  her dream kitchens. 
I guess she really does want to be a Chef! 
I am noticing she likes contemporary kitchens.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our tour of our Ikea Wish List!

Carry on.


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1 Response to Field Trip to Ikea…

  1. TC Harris says:

    A field trip to Ikea sounds like fun!


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