Update on Frankenweenie… Our sick Dachshund…

You might have heard, we were dealing with a very sick doggy.  She was vomiting, dehydrated, and cost us a lot of money we don’t have, but she is our baby and we sucked it up and got credit! Like we would if she were a human child.
Nessie had ate something and we did not know what. 
She went to the vet’s office twice, one over nighter because she was sooo dehydrated, for tests, but the second time she had an ultrasound done and they found several blockages, one in her stomach and 2 in her intestines. On her first visit, they did ex-rays and blood work. We were hoping it was something fixable with out surgery, but it wasn’t.  She lost a pound, which for her is a bunch cause she is only 8 pounds, and stands 4 inches from the ground lol!
She had her emergency surgery to remove the blockages, which we can not identify. We think she ate something in the new back yard. She is not much of a chewer but she does like to eat things out side or dig in trash.
Here are her pictures of her tummy staples and her e-collar so she doesn’t lick them,  and when she was sick and we didn’t know what was wrong with her.
Our little Frankenweenie… she should be a star!
Frankenweenie’s, I mean Nessie’s, staples!
 Nessie’s Satellite Dish, I mean e-collar.
 Nessie’s surgery IV bandage.
 Nessie’s purple bandage from her IV from first stay at the vets.
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1 Response to Update on Frankenweenie… Our sick Dachshund…

  1. Zora Pol says:

    Poor Nessie.. I hope she will be ok soon. She really is a pretty dog. http://www.tulanescloset.com


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