Hermit Crabs: Introducing Baby…

Kiki got her a new Hermit Crab. Here are a few pics of her (go figure) in her new temporary home. She looks and acts pretty healthy so she should be able to go into the new crabitat in the next few days (we are moving in this weekend to our house).

IF you want to learn about proper care of keeping hermit crabs, you should visit the sites listed below.
When we do a pet, we make sure we study and provide proper care, not petstore bologna they regurgitate from someone who told them the wrong way to care for pets. NEVER trust pet store workers. Some times you get one who really knows something and will tell you the proper care, but mostly you get young people who tell you the same things they are told by people who just want to sell you something and don’t really care about the well being of the animals.

Ok, off my soap box. So for PROPER CARE of Hermies see these sites:

Hermit Crab Association

Hermit Crab Paradise (one of my faves)

The Hermit Crab Patch (one of my faves)


So for the new crab…

Baby: a Strawberry Hermit Crab… 2″ shell w/ 1 1/4″ opening…


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