Quad Crashers: Kitchen Update

Cabinets are all in but the pictures below only show the first day of base cabs done.

The counter tops have been measured for and we went and laid out the pattern so we get what we want where.  So far the granite company has been great so after install we will let you know who they are!

The painting is all done on the first floor also.

My mural on the dining room wall is finished. but I won’t be posting that pic just yet. I want to get the furniture in even though I won’t technically be done decorating for a few weeks because I have to put everything together and see what else I need (like fabric for chair cushions, accent pillows for the parlor sofa, etc.)

I did some unpacking today but forgot to take my camera over so no pics of the kinda finished cabinets. The molding on the uppers and the light rail still needs to be attached.

I will try to get updated pics tomorrow or the next day. 🙂


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2 Responses to Quad Crashers: Kitchen Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    What type of flooring is that? It looks very nice.


  2. Niki Smith says:

    The tile is from The Home Depot, 16 x 16 Marazzi Montagna Bulluno.
    If hit Quad Crashers under Labels, you will see more of the tile than in this post. Thank you!


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