Quad Crashers: Cabinets and Appliances…

Our new series: QUAD CRASHERS! is our house make over. We purchased a quad house and are super excited to fix it up, and of course decorate because I LOVE to decorate, especially bright and tropical cottage. So this quad is going to be a tropical cottage getaway.

 This is just the first part of our house make over. 

I really enjoy the “cottage” theme, but I try to stick with a more beachy, tropical themed cottage. I do have some traditional items that I have to incorporate (my hubby made them, he is a furniture maker, so no getting rid of that stuff).  I also have passed down antiques that I also work with. So I guess you could say my house is eclectic. My hubby likes traditional while I like cozy, simplistic, touch of contemporary, country farm housey, blah blah blah. I just love it all really, as long as its bright and cheery.

So for the kitchen…

 ~~ Please be advised, I don’t buy for retail or I would never be able to afford these things.
I purchased everything on big sales, clearance, scratch-n-dent, etc.
American Woodmark had a 50% off sale and some free items, at The Home Depot, we bleed orange.
The appliances were also on a big sale. Gotta Love Holiday Sales!~~

The Cabinets that we picked are American Woodmark, Exclusively at The Home Depot, in the
Charlottesville Style in maple. 

The “fridge wall” will be the Auborn Glaze.

The main kitchen will be in the white they call Linen.

Please see http://woodmarkcabinetry.com look for Charlottesville to see more.

For the appliances, we went with Maytag. I am a huge fan of Maytag appliances. I have Maytag front loaders (that are actually re-badged Kitchenaid), and I absolutely love them. I wouldn’t let them go with our old house when it sold, for NOTHING! I am glad they didn’t ask for them in the sale of our house because I would have put up a huge fight.  I really can’t express how much I love my washer and dryer.

We did not purchase a refrigerator as we already have one. 
You can click on the picture, except the dishwasher, to see more details.

Maytag JetClean Dishwasher
(there are many different ones and
I did not know which one to link
to so this one does not have a link.)

 Maytag Aqualift Induction Convection Range

Maytag Convection Microwave Oven

Home Depot (other than my hubby works there), Maytag, or American Woodmark Have NO CLUE who I am. I am just sharing my purchases.


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