Quad Crashers: Our New House: Kitchen Make Over Before…

We close on our new house in just over a week. We have already measured, and ordered, for our new kitchen as the one that is in the house is small and the thermafoil cabinets are not in the best shape.  In a day or two I will get a post up for the cabinets that we picked out. I am really excited about getting to redecorate and fix up a new house. I think we will be in this one for a long time, at least I hope because I am sooo tired of moving.

Here is a tour…. (PS: appliances will also be replaced)

Here is the stove area. The stove will moved over and that big whole where the fridge is suppose to be will become cabinets.

 Here is a shot over to the breakfast area that will soon be the Fridge area.  Don’t mind the person, that would be my super cute kitchen designer (AKA the Hubby)                    

Here is the sink area, self explanatory as it will become the same it is now.


Here is that super cute kitchen designer again, filling out his measurements.

And lastly, here are my cabinet installers, cheap labor!!
I think they will just be our  “gopher Everett”.  That was an inside joke around here. If you have ever seen the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? you would get it.

Till next time….

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3 Responses to Quad Crashers: Our New House: Kitchen Make Over Before…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like very much. See you should have moved to Florida where there are Beach's


  2. zoey says:

    Super exciting! I am wishing I could remodel our kitchen. For now, I am having to settle for re-organizing in hopes of making more room…good luck with your endeavors! 🙂


  3. Niki Smith says:

    Thanks Zoey! The only reason we can afford this is because we got the house really cheap, its a Fannie Mae property so it needs some work. Next on the list is the main bathroom. We can't even take a shower in the house because the tile is hanging off the walls and the tub is rusted. We have less than a month to do the kitchen and bath before we move in. We also have to replace the kitchen flooring. I love renovation!


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