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I wanted to say to my older readers, I have been accepted back on to the Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew. I was on the first Crew and most of my old curriculum reviews are through them. 
Here is my first review for this years Cruise…


brought to you by:

What it is:

A large subscription curriculum resource site,  for all ages Pre-k – Highschool, that can be used for a full school year of curriculum or as unit studies for what ever topic you chose.


There are teachers resources such as planners: a teachers planner, 3 student planners, and a special needs planner. You will also find daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans for all subjects you could possibly think of from art to history to foreign languages.  You could find your self swimming in a sea of e-books,  Expo-To-Go recordings, and digital copies of The Schoolhouse Magazine.  

How we use this site:
Our eldest daughter wants to try taking guitar lessons again and what do you know, we found lessons for just that. So what I did, was print out the first month of lessons, told my daughter to read over and learn as much as possible. Later that day, she handed the binder back to me and told me she was ready for the next set of lessons. I really wanted her to prove to me that she really wants to learn this time, and she is.
A while back I had seen lessons for photography but we were not ready for them but it stayed on our list of future studies. The other day I went looking for this Photography study we had seen, but didn’t see it in the present list of studies under the high school heading. So I went to the Library heading (you can also go through the Teacher heading but I like the Library heading best), hit Teacher Lesson Archives, and went down the list until I found what I was looking for. I found my Photography Lesson under May very quickly.
We are also preparing, printing and reading through, to use the lessons on Social Media when we are finished with our present lessons on Classics-based Writing. I picked the Classics-based Writing lessons because we are trying to incorporate more classic studies into our learning.
What I do, is print out the lessons and bind them in a comb binder to keep for later, or I put them in a binder. I really like to have a tangible item.
As a mom preparing my high schooler for her future, I am finding the Career Exploration and College Choice lessons very helpful. You have to pay for that kind of help elsewhere which leads to that “great value” again! 

What we think: 
The site is great for people from all types of homeschooling backgrounds.
 If you never use anything other than your purchased curriculum, your yearly cost for this website would get you a very nice planner that will work with your present curriculum, e-books for teachers and students, and you would also get a top rated homeschooling magazine. This in its self is a great value.

We are partly in the unschooling, or student directed, crowd and this website is a treasure trove of starters for exploration, giving the unschooler lots of idea’s and resources to spark an interest in things you may not have thought of.

For those who are more structered and like to pull from lots of resources because of different homeschooling styles (eclectic, unit studies, classical, traditional, etc.) can benefit greatly in teaching our children by using quality products from the contributors who are also parents and publishers of quality products. Your getting a taste, not to mention that great value again,  of the other publishers you may not have known about.

The lessons we have explored, have all been printable, perfect for those like me who want something tangible in my hands to use.  You have the choice to do the lessons from the site, which becomes helpful for those lessons that link to offsite resource pages. You also get links to passed lessons if you happen upon a lesson in the middle and missed the beginning. 

Anyone on a tight budget, or no budget at all, can get a full years worth of curriculum out of this site. I am wondering why they didn’t do this sooner because it is a great concept. I know there are other similar sites out there but they are secular and they don’t give you planners, e-books, or digital magazines :).

I have always been a fan of anything The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has done. They always come through with top notch products and websites. This is no exception! I fully recommend website as a great place to expand your curriculum “library”.

The cost of all this = priceless amounts of fun learning:

$1 first month, $5.95 a month, or 1 year $64.26 paid that includes a free Homeschooling with Heart Tote bag and 1 print back issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.


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My Disclosure:  I recieved a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. 



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6 Responses to Resource Website for Home Education…

  1. Jen says:

    You taught me something new about the site…the photography lesson. I am going to check it out.

    Great review!


  2. Great Review! I love Schoolhouse

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Dawn says:

    We enjoyed too! Blessings!


  4. Deborah says:

    Found you through the Review link. :o)

    I have seen several mentions of the guitar lessons.

    I will have to go and check them out, my boys might want to try them. :o)

    The Paper Maid


  5. Debbie says:

    Great review! I need to check out the guitar lessons for my daughter.


  6. Wendy R says:

    I LOVE the pink flamingos! 🙂 Great review! SchoolhouseTeachers is simply awesome! (visiting from the Crew)


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