New Series: Amazing Child Brag~N~Tell…

I am taking advantage of this quiet time so I thought I would share this.

I wanted to start a new series that when one of my girls did something amazing, or out of the blue awesome,  I can brag on them.  So here goes the first one.


Today a strange thing happened.

Kiki picked up an old copy of Bambi from the bookshelf in my mother-in-law’s office, starting reading it, and half way through she had an epiphany.

She said “These old books are more interesting”. She proceeded to tell me how they are more detailed and this version of Bambi talks about talking leaves. HUH? She then tells me how the new versions are boring. I am very surprised she picked up a book I would say is below her level, but what surprises me more is that she picked up a book that is not a comedy book like her favorite book series April Grace.

She does crack me up and this was no exception. She is just so funny in how she says things.
And NO, she hasn’t learned how to sit in a chair properly yet lol!

And I wanted to share a pic of Dede because its rare that I don’t get a hand in front of the face. 


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