Unschooling: Adventures in Nursing, a 12 year olds experience…

 (little update: since we have been in moving mode, living with in-laws, we have slacked on the blog, but we will be posting more and more, so please stay tuned)

The past year, year and a half, Kiki has studied the human body a lot, devouring every book at the library, purchased books on the subject, TV shows, TV Documentaries, and anything else she could find. 

Kiki has been helping her Mamawl out these past several weeks. Mamawl had a major surgery done, some intestines removed, due to her Crohns Disease.
Before Mamawl’s surgery, Kiki learned how to set up IV bags that she hooked up to her Mamawl every day. She picked up on this the first time she was shown.  

                   (getting ready for Christmas, the girls hung icicle ornaments 
                                  on the IV “tree” as we call it)

 Now that Mamawl is home a second time from her surgery (she came home once but had to go back for a collapsed lung and infection behind her sutures),  Kiki has been back at it helping with her feeding tube. Every night, Kiki gets the bag ready, punches in the amounts to be given per hour and total amount of the bag. Kiki also helps put water through the tube to make sure Mamawl is getting enough water daily. We hope to have her off the feeding tube by next week but we have to get her appetite up. So Kiki makes her food and makes sure she eats it. Kiki also makes sure Mamawl is using her breathing exerciser to help build the lungs up.

One of the other things Mamawl has is a machine called a Wound Vac.
This machine is hooked up to the big “hole” were the surgery was done.
The home nurse comes every few days and changes this out. Kiki is always right there watching. I am really surprised because its a huge cut, about 6″ long and 4″ deep, you literally can see her insides, organs and all.

Kiki is fascinated and really enjoys doing these things and helping others out. Maybe she has a future in Home Care or maybe become a Doctor!

This is just one of the ways unschooling happens. We are just living life and learning. This is not something you would get to learn or experience from a textbook.

If Kiki’s dad was more on board for the unschooling, then all our subjects would be unschooled, but I can say even while he has us do math every day, the girls have a math program they really enjoy so its ok! And they want to learn it. That was just an extra blurp! 🙂


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2 Responses to Unschooling: Adventures in Nursing, a 12 year olds experience…

  1. That is awesome – and a perfect example of how kids learn just through life experiences!


  2. Debbie says:

    Wow–What a great experience for her. It sounds like she is a lot of help! My husband has Crohn's, and we've been through a lot of the same stuff, although he's been symptom-free for many years now.


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