New Pillows for schoolroom….

We picked up some new pillows for the school room in our new house.

Our new (old) house has 3 family rooms, strange I know, so one of them is going to be a school/library/TV room for us.

I hope to pick up a sofa with a bed so when we have guests, the girls can camp out in this “school” room.

We found some cool pillows for the room and thought they fit a school room perfectly. So our theme for our school room is going to be “world”, as in stuff from every where can be in there.

I just wanted to share these pillows that we picked up at our local Marshall’s store.

OOPPPSS, Sorry, we are invested with German Rats with red “beady” eyes.

 Here is the pillow, we got 2, they are 20″x20″.


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2 Responses to New Pillows for schoolroom….

  1. Great new pillows! Stopping by from the TOS blog linky. I'm your newest follower.


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