Literature Unit Study on A Christmas Carol…

This month, December, we will be taking a break from our normal reading schedule, and we typically break for December from rigorous schooling days because of the Holidays. We still do school, we just spend time learning a lot of home and life skills, reading Christmas stories, watching movies, keeping up on our math or course, and our writing, etc. I will also be spending time cleaning out old school files, and other techy media like external hard drives.

This year is a little different because we are staying with family until we close on our house mid December, which then becomes lots of fun times.  We will be moving into a new home, well new to us anyways, it needs some work which we can’t wait to do (we love putting our own ideas in houses)

In order for us to be ready by January 2nd, I will have to have the house unpacked, decorated, curtains hung, organized, etc. etc. because I just can’t focus on school if we are not “put together”. It just can’t happen, I can’t concentrate with clutter. So we will be very busy with that, not to mention all the get-togethers we will have to endure, I mean pleasantly do.  Sssoooo….

For this month:

We are going to do a literature study on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
We are looking into a unit study on  by Brandenburg Studies and is a bundle. Sorry no review from me, as I haven’t even purchased it yet.
But the preview looks good and I have other products from them and they are usually good quality.

My other option is from Hands of a Child, another really good publisher on currclick. This is a lapbook version.

I think with all the other stuff going on, I forgot to mention my mother-in-law home from the hospital again so she requires lots of direct care and home nurses coming every other day.

So we have been pretty busy and I have not posted much the past several months. By January I hope to be back to posting and working on my long list of posts I wish I could have covered this past year.

Happy December, tomorrow!


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