The things I miss…

If you have been reading this blog for any time recently, you know we are living with my husbands parents while we look for a house to buy. We think we found a house by the way, and it needs a little work but we are willing to do it over some time.

So any way…  I am grateful I don’t have to pay a house payment and get to stay here for free, but its very frustrating living in a house with kids and 2 well behaved dogs in a house were before you walk in, you picture the mom in the Cat in the Hat movie (Mike Myers) going “DO NOT GO IN THIS ROOM” or what ever she says in that movie.

We have been here just a few weeks, but there are already some things I miss A LOT!

  • My homemade peanut butter. My girls really miss this, store bought peanut butter is so, umm, icky!
  • Which leads me to why I miss homemade peanut butter. I miss my food processor, which I use to make my homemade peanut butter, slice potatoes for frying or making homemade chips, making salsa, etc. 
  • A good shower head, as in I can’t rinse my hair or body properly with the shower head we are stuck with. 
  • A good mattress. Now our mattress is not that great, but what we are sleeping on is worse. My hip hurts, I toss and turn all night because we roll towards the middle, we are plain uncomfortable. 
  • My cast iron cookware, its all packed and we “are not aloud” to use it on a smooth top. I am afraid I will scratch and break it. I am use to gas cooking, which I miss.
  • OK, so I have my desk and computer, but I am using a chair instead of my usual office chair. The lighting is terrible for my screen and its been making my eyes hurt really bad, and my neck hurts from the angle. I have to figure out how to make  it more comfortable.  
  • My own dishes, all of them. I now live with a list of things that can’t go in the dishwasher, can’t go in the microwave (which we don’t use much any ways), can’t use certain things at all because they might break, blah blah blah. 
  • A dishwasher that I can put glasses next to each other, because if I put two glasses together in this dishwasher, they will break. hhmmm. 
  • Our kind of food. Its hard to make meals for 2 families that have different eating styles and food “handicaps”. There are certain foods we don’t or can’t eat, then there is my mother in law who can’t eat certain things because of her surgery she just had. So cooking meals for us all has been a big frustration, but that is one of things you just can’t help. 
  • Most importantly, I miss my quiet time where people are wanting to bombard me with constant conversations (I don’t like to talk, yes, a female who doesn’t want to talk all the time). 
  • AND, no one contradicting my every thought or opinion because its not what they like or want. If I want your opinion, I will ask for it! My house decor ideas, not yours!!!
I am not complaining, just expressing my frustrations in a healthy manner, which would be not at those I live with. Please pray for me. I love helping and serving others, but it can get overwhelming when you are trying to take care of  two families. My mother in law is home from hospital so I am helping keep up with her special needs, the girls and I are like her live in nurses and we are enjoying that and the girls are learning to serve others. Its really been a humbling experience, but I just can’t wait to have my own things again. 
I think I will appreciate my things a lot more now. 
OTAY…. Over and Out!.. so I can go pray that I don’t lose it.


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