Geeky Girls…

One of our favorite stores to shop at is

Here is the latest items ordered: 
T-Shirts! Why t-shirts at the beginning of winter (or technically fall)
Dede: Soft Kitty (Sheldon’s song, Big Bang Theory)     &    a Dr.Who Tartis Police Box
I am sure she would have gotten something Captain America, but its all so pricey!
I can picture and hear Penny singing it to Sheldon right now. LOL!
Kiki:  Bat Girl and Flash, cause my girl is a Super HERo! 
I personally got my (cheaply made) jacket from Kohls. And do I mean CHEAPLY made, super thin material and the worst plastic zipper ever. I ordered it online and the zipper won’t hardly start zipping, so I went to exchange it and the only XL they had the zipper was completely broken. So I must try another store to see if they have one that zips. If not, I can keep the one I have, hope it doesn’t break, replace the zipper with a nice metal one and line it with something warm like lambs wool material. I guess its a good think I can sew, at least a little sewing lol! I will say the quality of this jacket is extremely bad and I am glad I got it for $21 including shipping (it was $23,  20% off coupon, plus shipping). So if I do tackle the zipper and lining  I will share that.
The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Hoodie - Men
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