What Packing looks like…

Its really embarrassing to post these picks of my house in a “tornado” look.

But I figure if I am gonna be real, I will do it for the good of all humanity, I mean movers and packers every where.

So here is the tour, and please please please forgive these messes. I swear my house never looks like this, normally anyways.

And if anyone cares, or can tell the correct color of the paint, it is called Caribbean Sunrise from Behr with the primer in it. I don’t recommend the paint, go with Sherwin Williams, but take the paint swatch and have it matched. Some times this color looks tan or a fluorescent yellow, but tis really  a buttery bright yellow in the day time (real color). The boring beige in the bonus room picks, is well, boring so who cares. I don’t suggest that color, ick, gag, yuck! I would rather have plain white walls than live with BORING builder beige Thank you!

Living Room:
Boxes, child on IPOD, messy.
 Living Room other side:
Boxes in corner, horrible hair cut dog, new parlor sofa. 
Dining Room:
Messy, Packing material, cat getting away with something he is not aloud to do, 
popcorn popper that is normally in the theater room. 
Empty book shelves that are usually filled to the brim with some of our books.
We have our own library. 
Theater Room:
movies packed, Christmas tree waiting for its trip down the stairs.
Other side Bonus room opposite the theater room side:
messy, just messy but almost all cleaned out. 

Thank you for enjoying my tour and please come back for more on our moving experience.


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