A 12 year old’s first sewing project: Apron

Kiki as we call her here on the blog….
made her first sewing project, an apron.  This isa home ec. project for homeschooling, and I think all children should learn these basic skills because you never know when you might need to go back to living the way we use to (our country’s future maybe?). 
We started our journey with a trip to Joann’s fabric store. 
Kiki picked out her fabric:
  • M&M dress material with gathers already done, she used this for the bottom half.
  • Then she picked out some green fabric for the chest piece.
  • Then while waiting in line, she found some remnant orange fabric on sale that was very soft and so she thought it would make a great neck piece. 
  • Then she picked out some blue thread to add some flare to the pieces that it wouldn’t blend into.
Then we came home and she learned how to thread the bobbin and the machine. 
Then she cut and sewed like there was no tomorrow, which is pretty good for her short attention span.
This is how it turned out…  She did a rockin job!

(a 15 year old’s first big sewing project will be coming soon, she is still working on it, you geeks out there will love it)

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