My Sunstruck Needle Set from Knit Picks, arrived today…

I was super excited my new Sunstruck Needle 10″ Set came in the mail today. 
They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the wood tone and warm color. I was expecting them to be brighter and a more cooler color, but they are actually a warmer tone.  They are made from laminated birch, which I am not sure what that means because when I hear laminated, I think of an overlay. I will have to ask my hubby what that means. update: Its just birch plywood. Plywood is stronger than regular wood since its layers. So that adds to the strength of the needles I would say. 
As soon as I start a new project, I will let you know how they do. I am sure I will pick something easy and fast to start out with. 

SIDE NOTE: I am big on wood items, wood is in the family around here. My  hubby has been making wood furniture since a teen and I have come to love all things wood also. Oh how I love the smell of fresh cut wood. When my hubby would come home from making something in his shop, I would hug him and take a deep breath. He calls it my aphrodisiac, I just love it. I wonder if there are other women who love the smell of fresh cut wood.


I wasn’t expecting them to have the sizes on the ends, so that was a huge surprise to me. I was thinking I would have to write them on the ends with a marker for fast finding. Some of the fancier needles don’t have the sizes written on them.

Look at the color, so nice. And they feel really nice and smooth.  Even Kiki can’t wait to knit with them. I would almost say they feel soft, if they were not wood.

And here they are with a soft kitty in the background. They go good with your kitty, too!

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