Nessie finished Scotland Sweater

I must admit, I am horrible at seaming together things. 
This is also my first attempt to knit with more than one color.
My seams came out horrible,
and you can see my threading of the white yarn to finish.
Nessie didn’t want to cooperate with the pictures, it was nap time. 
I used an easy knit pattern I found on the net,
I modified it a little, I made the neck longer and I also did a basket weave pattern (my favorite). 
I originally wanted a box around the X for some definition, but I decided to forgo that. 
So instead of looking like a Scotland flag, it looks like a big white
X marks the spot. But Nessie doesn’t know the differnce.
She just knows her namesake is from the Loch!
Oh, and by the way, she later walked right out of her sweater.
Weinies do that. 
So when I get brave, I have a pattern just for Weinies. 
It looks like it will take me forever, and I am not a patient women.

But Nessie is a mini and only weights like 6 or 7 pounds ish so I will

have to modify the pattern to a smaller size. 
( )

I used Caron brand One Pound Blue (lots left over for something else)
and Red Heart White left over from my daughters 
crocheting of Iron Man ray something or other. 

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