Knit and Crochet: hat and fingerless gloves

I found this post hanging out in the draft section of my account. 
We did this last year. 
I have yet to finish the other fingerless glove, so only one hand will be warm this winter lol!
The hat is crocheted, its our favorite beret pattern, I just made it longer and 
turned it up to thicken it up a bit.
 I found the patten on youtube: 
Video embedded below 🙂
The glove(s) is knitted. 
I found the glove patten at Lion Brand
pattern # 90664AD Greenwich Gauntlets,
They are fun. 
Thank you to my model Kiki

The Pulled down rounded look…
The original hat pattern, I just made the rim longer so I could roll it up to give a thicker rim to keep my forehead warmer, and I liked the look of the rolling up. 
I have also made the original pattern and we like it also. 
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