Book Review: Desperate for Hope Hanging on and Finding God during Life’s Hardest Times

Desperate For Hope
Hanging on and Finding God during Life’s Hardest Times
By: Bruce W. Martin

Publisher’s Description

With sincere sympathy and ready encouragement, Bruce W. Martin takes hurting readers through a grieving process that helps them reconcile their deep suffering with their beliefs about a good God. He helps them find deep meaning in the midst of tragedy so that they can enjoy a deeper intimacy with God and others. A unique and compassionate take on the age-old questioning of suffering, this book is perfect for readers who have experienced life-shattering pain, such as divorce, the loss of loved ones, bankruptcy, cancer, addiction, and even violent crimes, giving them real answers to their toughest questions and helping them move forward in life after tragedy.
This book is deep, not boring, and keeps you wanting to read more. It is a faith builder and will help you grow closer to God as you talk with him about your pain and situations your going through. 
This book does offer hope that you will get through the storm your going through. I did find it to be depressing reading story after story of other peoples storms. It made my heart ache for the other people whose struggles were worse than mine. Then I read chapter 9, and I learned to stop discrediting my own pain. The chapter goes on to let you know, your pain is just as real and painful to you, no matter the severity. I am pretty good at that one “their pain is worse than my pain”.
As I was reading this book, I started having struggles, or storms as the author calls them in the book. I started out wanting to read this book so I could recommend it to others who are suffering. Then I started suffering. (I have a lot going on that I can’t even think straight right now it seems, pray for me please). I am really trying to focus on the good in my life and not the stuff keeping me in a storm. 
This book really has helped me stay focused and not dwell, too much, on the storm, but to get me to deal with it and get through it. 
At the end of every chapter are questions for you to ponder and get you thinking. They come in handy.
There are lots of bible references, which I think is very important for a book like this. 
The book focuses a lot on the life of Job and how he dealt with his storm he was going through. It really shines a different light on how we see Job. We get pointed out to us that Job had his weaknesses, instead of focusing on him being a strong man who made it through his trials. You get to learn how he really reacted to all his trials, like wishing he had never been born. I have felt that way in the past, but I didn’t lose my faith in God. 
Some topics are God’s timing, Can it get worse, Grace, Your new normal for those life changing storms, dealing with friends, and many more.  You may want to get a notebook and pencil ready while you read. I am on my second way through the books and that is exactly what I am doing, taking lots of notes and doing some underlining (I won’t be sharing my book, its a keeper). 

I gave this book 5 starts and you can read my review at just search the book name.

This book was offered to me from the publisher for free for an honest review.


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