Storms Coming or is it UFO’s…

There is a storm a coming (Ok, as I type this I can here the Williams Pinball table Whirl Wind dinging in my head, I am a Pinball Head 🙂 )

Its shaking my house as the thunder rolls (and the lightening strikes, another love grows cold… sorry Garth)

I also had heard military copters earlier I thought (from Bragg, I get that often).

So I started wondering, is it

A Storms a Coming


UFO’s coming to take us all away. Gee I hope not,  I know what they really are.

So as I sit here and ponder if I watch too many movies, I must go.

I have to shut off the computer, and anything else I don’t want to “explode”, haha!

When it storms in my next of the woods, we seem to lose power for a while and its awfully dark out side. And I don’t want any surges to take out any electronics in its path.

We tend to prepare by getting those candles out and the lighter, and we like to light just one candle just in case the lights go out (in NC, not like in Reba’s song where its GA).

So I am gonna go grab my kindle, kindle light, and read a book. I should get the girls to do the same.

Can you tell I am bored out of my guard and just wanted to ramble on about nothing important.

My next rambling post: Wendy’s vs. McD’s 🙂


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