Reading, being smart, and The Big Bang Theory…

I haven’t posted anything in a while, with much content.

 This is not one of those times either.

I just wanted to mention how I am going to incorporate more diverse reading in our studies this year especially since we are on a tight budget to actually purchase a lot of curriculum or resources.

I am really liking resources more than direct curriculum, its much more fun.

So anyhoooo….

Reading is important if you want to be smart.

Even set designers realize that “smart people read a lot”. Like on the set of The Big Bang Theory. Which we love this show. We probably shouldn’t since we are bible thumping creationists, “SO SUE ME”.
I really like the character Leonard. Probably because he is smart, short, and goofy like my hubby. (don’t worry, we can lightly tease and not get offended, we have a great relationship, we are a bunch of comedians around here)

Well here is a pic of the cast with the set full of books, cause READERS ARE LEADERS!

Howard (purple black shirt)
Sheldon (blue shirt)
Rajesh (black sweater)
Leonard (glasses)

Not pictured:
Amy (played by Mayim Bialik who played in one of my favorite childhood shows Blossom. oh how I loved that show, and I was not ever a girly girl)


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