My New Needles… Knitting Needles that is

For Mothers Day, I ordered, I mean my girls got me a neat little Knitting Kit that I have been wanting for a long time.

It is from Knit Picks and is the TRY IT Needle Set that comes with a set of each kind of needles they offer for the interchangeable circular needles.  (click pic to go to their page to see more info)

I love this set. I now know that I don’t like the Acrylic set, the Harmony Wood works nice, and the Nickel works great for yarn sliding off the needles quickly for you. I found on the Acrylic that the yarn stuck and I had to work to get it off. That is not good for a beginner I don’t think, and I am a beginner knitter. Well, I have been knitting for over a year, but I am still stuck in “newbie” stage and I am trying to venture out of that comfort zone of stockinette stitches.

Here is another neat tool I ordered. It is really awesome. I know have confidence to try cables, button holes, Fair Isle, and more. It is a new knitters dream! (click pic to go to its page)

Here are some other books on my wish list. Please visit to find these books. I am only sharing because I love this website. They don’t know who I am, except when I order something from them.

Even if I am never brave enough to try patterns in these books, I still love to have knitting and crocheting books laying around to look at, for encouragement!

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