Book Review: Confessions of April Grace #2 Hicks, Cliques, and Ugly Sticks

Confessions of April Grace #2

Cliques, Hicks, and Ugly Sticks

Isabel St. James is the resident drama coach and drama queen and she needs help putting together the church play after an automobile accident. After being forced to help, April’s fall is now devoted to spending every afternoon with two drama queens, Isabel and April’s older sister Myra Sue. If that’s not bad enough, the new boy at school won’t leave her alone, and then Mama drops the biggest bombshell of all-April Grace is no longer going to be the baby of the family . 

My Thoughts:

I just love these books. They fit right into my youngest daughters personality. She loves a good funny book, especially when there are 2 sisters involved. I guess it reminds her of her own life. lol.

Just like the first book, this is one you can hand right over to your daughter and not have to worry about inappropriate things that should not be read by young christian eyes.
There is lots going on in this family. Surprises, light action / trouble, typical sibling stuff, as well as the typical musings of April Grace, she is one funny girl. There is mystery, trouble with girls the Snotties at school, a new baby brother, and laughter. You will enjoy this book as much as the first. New going-ons but same intrigue.

I recommend this book and the first one. You can read my review of the first HERE. The book front is missing but the review is still there.

I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.


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