Country Kitchens

So if I were to do a country kitchen, some of these might work for me. Only I really like the Old World French Country kitchen style, and I have a picture out of a magazine but can’t find it online.

As usual, I got these photos off the net, they are not mine!

But here are some of my favorites. I could add and add beautiful kitchens all day long, but I have a limit here…..

Love the beams, the cabinets, the shutters, the wood ceilings, the dark island, Just love it!

I LOVE the stone. Also love the natural notty wood cabinets. 

My door again! Love it, Want it!

 Love the colors of this one and the antiqued finish.

This just looks nice with all those herbs!

I like the cabinets but not sure on the island color and I like greens.

This is romantic feeling to me.

I want a fire roasting oven in my kitchen!!! (yes, I know this is a fireplace but I like the style)

Love the island and the arch on the cabinet.

I like this but it might be a little to “granny” for me.

Love the colors of the cabinets and the columns. Very sophisticated.

This is the green I like, so I love these cabinets and the orange paint, I love the bright and cheeryness of this one.

And who doesn’t love a pretty farmhouse sink? Love reds and Chickens in a kitchen, so “childhood memories” for me. Not crazy about black and white checkers, I think that belongs on the garage floor where I park my imaginary Aston Martin!

And for off topic:
See my Aston Martin that goes on the checkered floor in my garage… Why are all those people looking at my car???
 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 2007 front side angle e1332264631891 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400 Limited Edition Model (2007)

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