Preparing to move… oh what fun it is…

I love a good chance to clean out and declutter.

Besides my usually “season changed so time to deep clean” routine, this is the perfect time to get rid of things you haven’t used in a good while.

We have our house on the market, anyone wanting a nice country home??

We will be moving from North Carolina to Arizona where my sweetness has a job offer.

Now that the house is on the market, its a perfect time to clean out odds and ends, bedding, furniture, and all those things. Good motivation is that everything must fit into a certain sized moving truck to save on moving expense. This also helps with getting to do one of my favorite things, redecorate. Which also means I have to get creative since we are a one income family.

I don’t mind being creative. I actually love it. I love to sew my own curtains from fabric or using a flat sheet (just sew rod pockets). Or taking current furniture (or yard sale, thrift store finds) and paint them a new color, recover the seats, and so on.

So today, I cleaned out the Hutch drawers and cabinets. We use it to store seasonal place mats, aprons, chefs jackets, along with some nails, hammer, tape measure, and then it gets stuffed with all that junk. You know, coupons, pencils, pens, papers, receipts, mail…

Now I am going to go back through my little planner where I keep my calendar and all those planner things. Then I will be off to clean out closets, again. I have already cleared out so much extra bedding and towels. One of my daughters collects travel sized “toiletries” and lotions and bath stuff… So I will be going through all that stuff and sneakingly throwing it away. She is a hoarder and I have to keep her under control so we don’t end up on a TV show or something. She is much better now that she is 15. She use to save old boxes from presents, and wrappers from candy… and so on. She has learned to let go because I hate clutter and that includes it in her room. I do let her get rid of clothes on her own, that one is a big “freak out” waiting to happen if I take her clothes out. She even has stuff from when she was 6. I have to break her of this habit all the way, or she might be on that TV show Hoarders Buried Alive. While she lives in my house, there will be no clutter. She is good at organizing her stuff so I don’t really have to worry. She has learned to organize from me, and she likes everything clean. She just has to find a place to put it or throw it out. She is smart! She is reading a Phycology Textbook on a college level to learn about people and why they do things, like hoarding or narcissistic tendencies and more.

Well, I got off on a tangent. Which is nothing new if you knew me in person. I am pretty quiet but when I have a million things floating in my head, it all starts coming out. ADD!

Well, maybe I will get pictures. I have some older pictures of my organizing but I think I have shared those in the past.

So long….

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