7 pounds in 7 days???… Can you do the challenge?

So we, hubby and I, are doing this challenge by Jason Vale the Juice Master.

We are regular juicers and thought we would give this challenge a go. We did all juicing first 3 days but have ate a few things, just a bite here and there. We are modifying to fit food in earlier. Just gotta keep up the healthy whole foods.

See details HERE.
The Big Juice Spring Clean

Here are my thoughts for each day:

  1. Happy to do this, so full of juice I can’t think straight. Have slight headache. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
  2. Headaches come and go, I want food. So tempting with the girls eating other foods.
  3. I feel just fine but I really want to eat something!! I ate a few pieces of fruit and a few pieces of popcorn, I cheated. I cooked a yummy dinner for the girls. But I feel great and not as hungry.
  4. I really realized I miss solid food. I want to eat. But everyone says they can tell I have lots some weight. But I really want to cook. BUT I am feeling so much better, energized, and full. I am not drinking all the juice recipes for the past 2 days because I am full feeling and not craving regular food for the most part. I am feeling more like I can do this. I am encouraged and feel more confident that I am doing something great for my health. 
  5. Still feeling good, starting to ad in snacking like nuts and salad. Feeling skinnier and energized.
  6. Feeling energetic, antsy to do something, feeling better physically, hubby said I look like I lost weight so far, I feel like I could keep this up long term with one meal of regular food a  day and some healthy snacking.  Can’t wait to add in cooked fish tomorrow with Asparagus.  
  7. TBD
Our goal is to stick with what we have done in the past, we will juice during the day then I will prepare a nice healthy whole foods meal. We won’t live on juice, we enjoy cooking and eating flavorful foods. We do have children who also love to bake and cook, but we like to try and use as  many fresh things as we can. We really try to limit boxed or canned items to a very minimal.  I do buy flours, I don’t grow and mill my own. I am not that energized! 
Ok, so that is what is going on with us. We are having fun and enjoying our selves. 
Maybe soon I will show you my “tricked out” Champion Juicer! 


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