Unschooling may be a reality for us after all…

I have looked at unschooling for the past year, mostly just tinkering with the thought.

But with budget cuts from hubby laid off and my  stressing over not really having curriculum all year except for a few things, it may be pushed on us. What else should we do? Send them back to an ungodly school system where they are more worried about cramming our kids with certain facts to help them pass a test that will allow them to get raises and more money while our kids are not learning how to teach them selves. And with more stories of kids being stabbed, shot at, killed, and so on, I don’t think so.

What is homeschooling suppose to be for Christians?

Isn’t it suppose to be about relationships between family and raising Godly children?

And who says that homeschooling has to be you, the mom, stressing over curriculum and how to get their kids interested in the boring workbooks? My kids are happiest learning about things that are interesting to them at the time. When they can sit down and study a subject and learn more than the “certain facts” that the public school system needs them to memorize. My kids may not have dates memorized about certain things in history, but they can tell you stories and other details not listed on a test. Why? Because they enjoy history coming alive, or science, with stories and experiences, not just facts or dates.

And if you look at what you learn through your life, most of it you have learned on your own, as an adult, by teaching your self through reading and studying. Not from being forced to memorize and do workbooks.

So as we talk about unschooling, or mostly unschooling, I still will be pushing math as very important to learn and study. My girls are enjoying their math programs we use and so they are fine with math on a daily basis. That works for us.

I think that maybe God is using this lack of money to help us make the transition over to unschooling.
We just don’t have money, and we have asked for help through an organization that helps with purchasing curriculum, but they have turned us down.
And since we have talked about this, my stress level has went down. I am starting to feel peace about this decision. We know we have to reprogram ourselves as to what we grew up with. I think is harder for the hubby than me because I have always been one to learn better when I am interested in something and not under pressure to memorize things. I do best on my own terms. He on the other hand still thinks that kids should be sitting at a desk being taught things. But he is coming around and is willing to try the unschooling.

I just need to collect some books on the whole Christian Unschooling thing, that way we both can read and learn more about it.

Greg told me the other day that if I wanted to measure how I am doing, look at Dede. How many other 14yo bake from scratch, following recipe with little to no direction from me? I am not sure.
 How many 12yo do you know that can make a whole dinner by her self? Not many I imagine. And Kiki has been cooking for several years on her own.

So, I hope you stick around and enjoy our new adventure into mostly unschooling. My girls already love to read tons of books and find things that interest them and learn about it. So I am sure all this is going to be an easy transition for them. I just hope our family is supportive and not think we are crazy. 🙂 But I don’t really care. Homeschooling in general has made me more outspoken.

(Dede and Kiki getting ready for bed, and D thought she wasn’t in the pic, HA)


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