Book Review: Promise Me This

Promise Me This
          Cathy Gohlke
 ISBN: 978-1-4143-5307-4
 Release: February 2012

Things you may learn from this book:
  • God’s Love and Faithfulness
  • That we have to be faithful in God’s guidance in our lives, especially during trials
  • How to love others, put others before our selves
  • How to forgive and how if we don’t it will keep us from God
  • God is there in our ups and downs

This is an intriguing book. I was sucked in right away. I was saddened right away, but also felt joy. This book can bring out lots of emotions about the characters. You really get to learn a lot about the depth of the characters, even the ones you don’t get to know for very long.

 I do think the lady on the cover is not a good representation of the main character Annie. Annie is young, though she does get some ageing towards the end because of her struggles. But Annie is just 18 at the end and the lady on the cover looks to be in her 20’s. I would change that about the book for sure. I also would not have used such meager clothing, as it is known that Annie does have some wealth, so maybe a little fancier dress.

This book was written to cover over a 4 year time line, so there was a lot going on in such a time span, that the author could have made this book longer or into two separate books. I would have loved it either way.

At times I was left wanting more, more details of what was happening. Like the time they Annie and the Sprague ladies were kicked off the train. I waned to know more about the adventure and the people they met along the way, instead of the short version in a few paragraphs. And here is were I could see young Annie trapping around in a fancy dress walking along the railway with a parasol or something, looking weary.

For just an inkling of a second in about 75% through, I thought it was going to happen, the dreaded “rush and get this book over with”. But it didn’t! It kept right on going like a book should. This author surely did not rush the end so she could finish up and move on to something else.

I learned some new things about Titanic that I did not know, and some information about WW1. So I did get some history lessons in here.

I did some highlighting (kindle version) of  some quotes that really struck a cord with me, that I wanted to keep.
Like this conversation: “That’s all there is to it,” she said as if she’d heard his thoughts. “Each morning, when we wake -if we wake- we pick up whatever it is we’ve been given to carry for that day, with the sweet Lord Jesus in the yoke beside us to tote the load. Each night we lay it down, giving it into God’s hands. If it is still there in the morning, we pick it up and begin again. If the burden is gone or if there is something different, we know where to start.”
Those are such profound words of encouragement. There are conversations like that through out the book.
If anything, this book will teach you to rely on God’s faithfulness, and how bitterness can consume you and keep you away from God’s love.

This book will teach you “Great is God’s faithfulness”.

This is the first book I have read by Cathy Gohlke, and it won’t be the last. I look forward to meeting more indepth characters that she develops.

I have encouraged my 14, almost 15 year old daughter to read this book. It is a book that she can learn from, and I don’t have to worry about her reading inappropriate “stuff”. And she loves to read about Titanic and I think this book will feed her knowledge and curiosity of its voyage and the types of people who were on it (other than the secular versions).

~~I received this book from Tyndale for an honest review~~

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