Telescope or Microscope? That is the Question?????

We love science around here and it tends to be a big focus of our homeschooling more than most other subjects, except math. We really push math as the most important subject ever.

We are looking at science curriculum and whether to get a microscope or a telescope.

Right now we are studying the sky, planets, stars, UFO’s & aliens, LOL. so I am thinking we should pick up a telescope instead of a microscope. We can get that microscope next year and then study biology, after we do physics I guess.

I am just bored and I don’t want to clean (we have a showing today, yayyy!)
any more so I thought I would share our dilemma.

Please feel free to leave a comment on which Telescope or Microscope you use or love. I am open to direction in this topic so comment away…..


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