Naughty Little Weiner…

I received my Daily Dachshund Newsletter today with a funny t-shirt and a story about a guy with a naughty little wiener who ate his carpet. You can read the story HERE. There is even a contest going on.

In light of this story, I thought I would share my Little Miss Naughty – Nessie AKA The Loch Ness Monster who she is named after. She is our sweet little mini wiener. She even sports a shirt that says “Little Miss Naughty”
And for those who will want to correct me on “Loch Ness is from Scotland and Dachshunds on from Germany”: Nessie was named after the Loch Ness because of her long body, so its a physical thing, and the monster thing. We knew she was gonna be a monster right away. But we love her any ways.
 Even when she is:
  • chewing on the edge of the sofa
  • getting in the trash and getting q tips out to chew on
  • chewing on house slippers
  • pulling on my house plant leaves and shredding them
  • chewing on magazines
  • carrying leaves in the house to chew on
  • pooping or peeing on the carpet when no one sees her at the door to go out
  • My favorite: I put all her toys away in her toy basket and then she looks at me with disgust and goes and gets everything back out, strategically placing them all over the floor in a scattered pattern 
Its a good thing she just chews and shreds and doesn’t swallow all those things. She just leaves the mess on the floor for me to clean up.
Drum Roll…………………………………….

 Loch NESSIE Monster…
She is not really showing her pearly whites here in anger, 
she was chewing on some yarn. Bad Girl!
Look at those sweet little beady hazel eyes!
Nessie and the people she owns…. 
Kiki and Nessie
(you can’t really see it but Kiki is wearing her Periodic Table bacon 
t-shirt she got for Christmas, she loves it)
Dede and Nessie napping

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