Weaknesses and Dilemmas…

Do you have weaknesses for certian items?

You know, those items that every time you walk past them in the store, you  just have to buy them. And if you can’t buy them, it takes every bit of will power to walk away?

           I have a few of those:

  • Yarn, all kinds of yarn, all colors, textures, especially bright colors (feel free to give me your unused yarn)
  • Cereal, yes I am a closet cereal junky! Gotta love those Lucky Charms
  • Magazines, and it pained me to rid myself of a lot of those a few weeks ago
  • Yankee Candle, I just love to have my house smell clean and crisp, florally, and mostly beachy!

    Past Weaknesses:

  • Books 
  • Movies, and this is one I am putting a stop too. We have tooooo many
  • Kitchen stuff, I am running out of room, and my wish list is dwindling slowly 
I am on a mission. I am uncluttering and organizing so I can put my house up for sale and not move a lot of stuff. But there are some things I just can’t part with, so I am on a mission to organize better.  Maybe one day I will post pictures of my OCD Organizing skills 🙂 I obsess over organizing, but it doesn’t always stay that way with children.
My mission this week is my yarn.  Its really one of the last things I must reorganize and clean out. But this also includes all my sewing stuff. 
So how do I store my yarn? I have been keeping it in my closet on a shelf and the “odd balls” in a basket. But its time to put them some place else. I really would like a nice wooden shelving system where the shelves are on diamonds (see my old avatar for the idea) to keep my unused yard that I have yet to find a project for. That is the fun of collecting. I get to collect what yarn says “buy me” and then I can find a project later. But in the mean time, I have to store it some place where I can see it and that it can be kinda like an accessory to my decor. But I think for now, it may end up in my office on a books shelf with all my knitting and crocheting books, right next to the art supplies. 
But I will post my progress with pictures at a later date. I must spend some time now in thought on how to accomplish what I want, in between all the other cleaning out I must do. Like the storage room. I have most things out of storage and either using or donated to the thrift store. Which doesn’t bother me because I want an uncluttered life. 
Clutter = Chaos to me! So if I am not using it, except for my weaknesses, it goes!

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