SuperCharged Science Tele-Cast

Reminding everyone of the Supercharged Science Video Tele-Cast for tomorrow, Wednessday.

Please sign up at their website to join. We really enjoy them and learn a lot. You might also.

Tomorrow’s class is about Rocket Science. Sounds like a lot of fun.

From their site:
click this photo to go to the site to sign up. or HERE

Free Live Video Tele-class!
Relax While Your Kids Have Fun Learning Science and I Do All the Teaching For You!

On this free, fun, and educational class… your kids 
will learn about real rockets in a way that is totally 
fun and engaging!
This month’s class is all about Rocketry! Kids will
learn about fin design, hybrid and solid-state rocketry,
 and how rockets make it into space without falling out of orbit. 
This class is taught by a real live rocket scientist.
We’ll launch rockets during the class, too! (safely, I promise)

I pride myself on teaching Science in a way that is FUN, 
exciting, and an incredible learning experience at the same time. 
So you can rest assured it’s going to be a blast and also a great
 learning experience for your kids at the same time!
As soon as you sign up, I’ll get you everything you need to
 know to participate in the upcoming video tele-class.

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